How To Get A Tattoo and Stop The Pain Using a Numbing Cream

Getting a tattoo is a pain and anyone who says that they did not feel a thing when they were getting inked is speaking white lies. The needs of the tattoo machine pierces through the skin to put the ink on the skin and if this piercing doesn’t hurt you, nothing else in the world will. All this being said, the pain before and after tattoo can be reduced greatly by using simple treatments and products available in the market. One such solution is a Numbing Cream. Continue reading

The Basic ‘Tenets’ Of Nail Art: What You Need To Know First

Nail Art is beautiful – and any girl is going to love sporting pretty and funky looking nails from time to time. But let’s face it – D-I-Y nail art has many levels – the easy to the difficult. Some of it is super easy, but there are also the more complex designs to be done. And how do you manage these? Well, you learn, you try out and you practice.
Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc

But just so you get the best results each time, here are a few tips compiled by someone who knows that they are talking about. Follow these – and not only will you have a good manicure, you will also be able to work up to more complex designs easily!

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  • The first step is always to decide in right at the start what design you want to have on your nails. You need to work out all the intricacies, and get it clear in your mind. If you start to change your mind mid-way that will only result in a botched up pattern and frustration.
Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc

  • Next get all your nail art supplies together – whatever you will be needing for the design you have planned. Keep in mind, a regular nail art session will take you anywhere between half an hour to just about a quarter less than an hour. And you do not want to make this worse by needing to look for and locate tools and supplies in the middle of painting your nails.

  • Next up is an important step. Wash your hands clean, and dry them well first. Then start the design. This makes sure that any residual oil on your nails gets washed away, leaving a rough surface, making the nail art long lasting. You will notice that at salons, they rub your fingers with acetate or polish remover prior to nail art design drawing. But doing this regularly is harmful for your nails.
Photo Credit: superk8nyc via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: superk8nyc via Compfightcc

  • First practice your design, either on plastic sheets or on fake nails of a practice wheel. That way you can figure out if it will work or not. Also, you can try out further refinements here – before you actually start doing it on your nails. It is good practice!

  • When you are a novice, never go for complex designs. The frustration when you find it unable to make a certain very difficult pattern will only lead to further ruined nail art.

  • Look up tips, tricks and designs to make difficult designs easy in the long run!
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Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: .Krol. via Compfightcc

  • Once you gained some experience, then you can start experimenting with more complex designs. Also you can start to work out your own designs and inspiration!

  • And ALWAYS apply clear top coat. This protects your nail art and makes it last way longer than it would otherwise!
And always remember, nail art is quite a bit about practice and perseverance. You learn as you go – you figure how to get more complex designs done when you start to master the simple ones. So – stick with these tenets and get rewarded with great nail art each time!

3 Simple And Easy Steps To Soft Glowing Skin

Have you ever touched a baby’s face and wondered why you can’t have that soft smooth skin? Well, truth is, you too can have that soft glowing skin – you just need to know the tricks to get it. And the process isn’t very complicated at all – in fact, it’s just 3 simple steps, and voila! you will have baby soft skin in a matter of days.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s just get on with the steps…

Photo Credit: Michael Sissons via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Michael Sissons via Compfight cc

The first step to have glowing skin is Cleansing:

Cleansing actually gets rid of all the dirt, dust and grease that your skin has accumulated throughout the day. A cleanser also gets rid of traces of makeup that even face wash is not able to get out. Ideally, you should use a cleanser every night before going to bed and first thing in the morning.

Here’s how to use a cleanser:

  • Wash your hands so that when you touch your face you don’t transfer the bacteria and germs on your hands to your face.
  • Next, wet your face and squeeze out a dime sized dollop of your cleanser onto your palm.
  • Now gently rub the cleanser into your skin – focus on your T-zone.
  • Then soak a piece of cotton in lukewarm water and wipe off the cleanser from your skin.

Always be gentle with your skin – or you will rob it of its natural moisture. As to what cleanser to use, well, that depends on your skin type. And once you find a cleanser that suits your skin, make it your best friend for life. And here’s a tip: you can even prepare your own cleanser at home, here’s how:

The next step is exfoliation:

Exfoliation gets rid of the dry skin cells that even daily cleansing cannot get rid of. However, unlike cleansing, which is to be done every day, you don’t need to exfoliate your skin every day. But you do need to exfoliate at least twice a week at the beginning, and once you see the results on your skin, you can cut down to once a week.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Wet your face, use a gentle face wash – this will get rid of the surface oil and dirt, and open up your pores for proper exfoliation.
  • Next, apply the exfoliator on your face and rub it in circular motions.
  • Again, focus on your T-Zone, but be gentle.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.

And now here is a DIY exfoliator you can prepare yourself:

The most important step is Moisturizing!

Pollution and the environment keeps stripping your skin of its natural oils – and you end up with dry skin. The best way to keep your skin feeling baby soft is to keep it hydrated. And you can do that by applying moisturizer daily. You can buy a moisturizer, or you can prepare your own at home. And should you choose to do the latter, here’s a video that will help.

So there you have it – if you follow this 3-step skin care regimen, you’re sure to see the difference. And in a matter of days, you will have baby soft skin.

An All Natural Cleansing Face Wash That LOVES Your Skin!

Your face is constantly exposed to the elements, to dirt, dust, grime, car emission, etc. All this leaves a residue on your face. And the bad news is that your facial skin contains pores. These pores actually get clogged with this ‘dirt’. Now not only does this lead to skin issues, it also hastens aging. In fact, if you do not keep your skin cleansed, it can also lead on to infection and acne!

On the other hand, when you use a commercial cleanser to clean your face, you may be removing the dirt and the grime, but you also risk seriously harming the skin’s naturally mildly acidic pH level. This leaves the skin vulnerable to infection. Also you are subjecting your face to many harmful chemicals in the process too!
Photo Credit: Paolo Neoz via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: Paolo Neoz via Compfightcc

But we have just the solution for both these problems! Wondering what?

Well, that’s to make your own foaming face wash that is going to keep your skin cleansed…
And we have the recipe right here…

Homemade Face wash

Now there are a number of reasons that we recommend this to you –
  • It is 100% natural, so no harmful chemicals.
  • It clarifies your skin, in other words it cleans the dirt from deep inside the pores, and stops these pores from becoming larger.
  • It also acts as a toner, helping to shrink the pores.

Even as your skin ages, and loses its elasticity, this is one face wash which won’t hasten the process!
So, now for the recipe…
Photo Credit: cskk via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: cskk via Compfightcc

What you need:

  • Jojoba/sunflower oil – 5 tsps. (this will moisturize the skin)
  • Tea tree oil – 1 tbsp. (this is a natural anti-bacterial agent, so it keeps infections at bay)
  • Raw honey – 2 tbsp. (this is another bacteria-eliminating agent and works wonders to stop acne and keep the skin soothed)
  • Lemon essential oil – 15 drops (this gives a nice smell, but it also has anti-bacterial properties and even acts as a natural preservative for the face wash)
  • Liquid castile soap – ¼ cup (this is what will bring the foam, but it is 100% natural)
  • Filtered or boiled and cooled water – 1 cup
Now that you know what goes into the cleanser, you can be certain that there is nothing that can cause any breakout. In fact, we give you the oil option to further eliminate reactions. If you are highly comedogenic, go for the sunflower oil – it’s safer. But if you aren’t comedogenic and do not have frequent allergies, then jojoba is a better option.

Now to make the face wash –

Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Take a clean jar, preferably one with a pump disposer. Sterilize it well.
  2. Now add to this the water.
  3. Add in the liquid castile soap next.
  4. Follow up with the oil and then the honey.
  5. Lastly add the tea tree oil and the essential oil.
  6. Put on the lid and shake lightly to mix together.

And that is all there is to it. To use, just shake a bit to mix, and dispense 1-2 pumps for each wash. Gently rub over wet face and rinse with cold water.
Photo Credit: Blaž Vizjak via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: Blaž Vizjak via Compfightcc

However, keep in mind, if you have oily skin, decrease the amount of oil, and if you have dry skin, you can add in another tablespoon.

Overall, this is a great D-I-Y recipe, and you should give it a shot. They are all natural ingredients, so it won’t harm your skin in any way. In fact, if it does work out, you have a great homemade cleanser that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money either!